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Kalhor consciously pins Persian classical music structures to the rich folk modes and melodies of Northern Khorasan, the cultural heart of historic Persia and a bridge to Central Asiahe graduated from Kazan Conservatory in 1985 where he studied composition with B.

Trubin, then completing a postgraduate degree (1987) with Professor V Luppovin.

Together with his orchestra, which featured two cornets, four violins, flute, viola, trombone, tuba, piano, xylophone, and himself on clarinet, Kandel recorded numerous hits between 19, including the much-covered Night in the Garden of Eden.

Along with Fairouz and Asmahan, she is one of the best known and most beloved of all singers in the Arab world, her albums still outsell many others in the Arabic languagewith influences ranging from Beethoven to the Beatles and collaborations with everyone from Bob Dylan to Metallica, there are few musicians that display such remarkable diversity as Oscar-nominated composer and conductor Michael Kamen.

Consisting of five reed players who double on an extremely wide array of instruments, the Köln Saxophone Mafia uses a unique blend of virtuosic compositions by its own members with an emphasis on improvisation.

They have been pioneers in an area of performance that consistently warps the distinctions between avant guard jazz and contemporary "classical" music German composer and arranger, with an interest in New Age and World Music.

His orchestral works are considered his best works; his chamber music works and most of his piano works are early works from his student days in the 1870s.

He continued to write orchestral works later, although with the emergence of Sibelius in the 1890s Kajanus began to focus more on conducting.

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His scores for such popular action films as Die Hard, Lethal Weapon, and X-Men set something of a standard for high-octane thrills, but Kamen could also switch gears to provide tender melodies for such movies as Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves and Don Juan De Marco (both of which earned Oscar nods for the longtime composer).

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