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This section of the Saints' Lives page will list online translations, or texts, of Lives from these two major collections.RESOURCES With the advent of printing, and the massive increase in available source material of all types, hagiography after the middle ages becomes less central to historians researching non-religious topics.It remains of interest, however, for religious history. For ancient, Byzantine, and early Western Medieval saints, the Life often provided the unique data on the saint.When the popes took control, especially after the mid-thirteenth century, and increasingly formalized the process of canonization, the nature of available materials about a saint changed.Following a physical miracle, such as an unexplained healing, the candidate is Beatified by the Pope, and declared Blessed.A further physical miracle is required before the person is Canonised and declared a Saint of the Church.

From 1470 to 1530 it was also the most often printed book in Europe.

Such saint's Lives - or vitae - survive in astonishing numbers.

Careful reading of them reveals, as one might expect, a great deal about the religious life of the periods that produced them.

But for assessing the cult of saints in Byzantium and in Western Europe, two rewritten collections of saints' lives dominate the manuscript record.

There are about 700 surviving manuscripts of the 10th-century Byzantine "re-phraser" St. As a result his work dominates the later Byzantine conception of sanctity.

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This page's goal is to present ancient, Byzantine, and medieval hagiographic original texts - in translation and otherwise - along with basic data on the cult of saints.