Tat3 online dating

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Tat3 online dating

The guilt of this act led Malia to live as a true coyote in the woods for the next eight years until she was finally discovered by True Alpha werewolf Scott Mc Call and his human best friend Stiles Stilinski.

The two realized who and what Malia was and worked with the rest of their pack to turn Malia back into her human form.

at a school bonfire Malia talks to Scott about her conversations with Peter she is later almost killed by Rogue deputies Malia finds Stiles at the hospital and make-up, They work together to shut down the dead pool. In Dreamcatchers, Malia and The Pack go on the hunt for Tracey, later Malia fights Tracey after she attacks the Sheriff's station and kidnaps Lydia's mother Malia Witnesses The Dread Doctors killing Tracey.

In Condition Terminal, Malia and Stiles do research in Library.

However, after reconciling with Scott Mc Call and the Mc Call Pack, Malia instead decided to simply steal her mother's powers with Belasko's talons before she was imprisoned in Eichen House for her crimes.

Malia is a member of both the Hale Family and the Tate Family, as well as a Werecoyote in the Mc Call Pack.

Malia was then subsequently adopted by Evelyn and Henry Tate, who raised her as their own alongside their younger biological daughter Kylie on a ranch in Beacon Hills.However, when she was nine years old, an assassination attempt by the Desert Wolf while she was driving with her adoptive mother and sister led their car to wreck in the Beacon Hills Preserve, and the stress of the event paired with the full moon overhead caused Malia to shift into her coyote form for the first time.Since she had no idea of her supernatural heritage nor any control over her abilities, Malia ended up inadvertently attacking and killing Evelyn and Kylie before running away.Derek and Malia search for Satomi's pack to warn them about the Dead Pool. Malia soon discovers for Peters Real plan was when Peter goes for Scott.Malia becomes infected with a virus and goes blind. She finds out she's listed on The Dead Pool as "Malia Hale. She tries to attack him but he throw against a wall In Creatures of the Night, After returning from summer school Malia waits for confirmation that she is a senior.

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In Echo House, It is revealed that Maila was committed to Eichen House.