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Auch Günther Jauch hatte viel Spaß mit dem sympathischen Kandidaten, der am Ende 125.000 Euro gewann.Mittlerweile ist sein Arbeitsplatz in Berlin Weißensee zu einer regelrechten Pilgerstätte für Fans geworden.The moderators set new trends in the capital due to authentic, interactive communication.They talk about highlights from music, fashion and lifestyle from all over the world and introduce them to Berlin.

Mehr Details wollte der Berliner allerdings nicht verraten.From the planning, creation, production, control, execution to monitoring and documentation - we are your partner for your success.Please contact us for more Informations The portfolio: Since 104.6 RTL was founded in 1991 it has been the radio station for young people in Berlin who are the advertising-relevant target group in the age of 14 to 39 as well as in the age of 14 to 49.Auch im Internet ist der Hype um den Jauch-Kandidaten ungebrochen.„Im Moment habe ich an die 10.000 ungelesene Mails“, sagte Aaron Troschke gegenüber

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  1. The city welcomes tourists by the thousand, thanks to the rich history it is steeped in. A new leisure complex has recently been completed, comprising a multi-screen cinema, a host of restaurants and a state of the art sports facility.

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