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They finally did as he requested, then sheepishly returned to report that there was exactly .50 in a bag that the machine couldn't count since it was rolled and in a separate bag that they cashier hadn't noticed.Make sure you know what you have, or all that saving could be in vain!! I figured most banks wouldn't put loads of effort into verifying amounts (that's what the machines are for) but I hadn't considered major machine glitches -- so it does pay to know how much you are depositing, even if it is time-consuming to count.The bank employee hesitated but eventually decided to take the coins (the deliberation was slow but coin counting was fast).Coinstar machines count coins for a fee of 9.8% (11.9% in Canada).

Sign up online to receive special offers, which may include .I have put a chart on my blog sidebar to keep track of how much I accumulate in change each month and at the end of the year I'll make plans for it, depending on how much I have.I'm kind of enjoying the idea of seeing how much my loose change comes to!We've used the free counting machine at Commerce with no real problems.The machine prints out a receipt and that amount can be deposited into your account.

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