Online chatting with married sexy women

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Online chatting with married sexy women

Well thats the problem, I can't seem to find it within my self to let go of all this pain that has built up in the past five years.

I feel like, why should I be the one to do it for him, when he never has done it for me?

I've seen many people on here who have been cheated on - create positive change in their relationships by changing their own behavior. but sometimes knowing he's chatted online (even if it's only a suspicion) doesnt make me want him.... ours felt like a marriage that happened because we were in the right place at the right time. We're fine and good together, but when I hear of how "perfect" other marriages are.....Its like, every time a new thing pops up, it just opens those wounds.He has screwed me over for the past five years and I'm very bitter about it. It should be understood on this forum that we're not to blame the cheatee on the cheaters activities.But there were reasons why communication shut down in the first place. If the cheater feels their relationship is lacking, its THEIR responsibility to work on it WITHIN the marrige, not look outside of it.Again, at this point, I want to move away from assigning blame. While I agree with you about the "blame part," to me, it seemed like Alexandra was suggesting ways she could work on the relationship.

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There is no gray area, he's a married man and if he wants to stay married he's to stop relationships with other women and focus that energy back on to you.

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