Freakshow morgue and asia ray dating websites

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Freakshow morgue and asia ray dating websites

I’ve seen the comment made more than once recently that we secretly long for the zombie apocalypse to actually happen.I originally dismissed the statement as a flippant, thoughtless remark made by people who will never experience living a poop pile life in a nation torn by war or marked by famine.I have friends who strongly disagree, but I think Carol has nothing left to do but take a bow.In any event, there are only two episodes left in 2014, and I think somebody is gonna die.She asked what I want the focus of my writing to be.I immediately threw up my hands in despair because…well, haha, I have no focus. My first short story collection was weird tales about yard sales and auctions. The novel, HAVEN HALL, is even more out there, minus exotic pets and sideshow performers.

The more people I have reading my books, the more chance I have of being like those authors who have so enhanced my life.Several years ago I wrote a blog post that explored the American fascination with zombies.I linked zombie entertainment (books, movies, games, dressing up like a zombie and rolling in the mud for charity, etc.) with the lack of control Americans felt due to the threat of international terrorism.I argued that the fiction zombie apocalypse rose from the ashes of the World Trade Center, giving Americans back the sense of control they’d lost in the face of an enemy they couldn’t hope to fight. I haven’t changed my mind about why the zombie apocalypse rose, but I have a new theory about why it has, if anything, gained steam. They don’t think twice about attending crowded, high profile events.Some Americans are still afraid of and hate Muslims, but they deal with that fear by being racist asshats.

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My second short story collection was about New Yorkers dealing with the zombie apocalypse. The main character is a lesbian, and I do believe I’ve alienated a lot of zombie readers in that one bold stroke. I’m tired of zombies, so I’m working on a collection of Depression-era sideshow stories and a novel about an out-of-work actor and his girlfriend fighting monsters in modern Manhattan.