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From 1990 to 1999, Bonn served as the seat of government – but no longer capital – of reunited Germany.

The headquarters of Deutsche Post DHL and Deutsche Telekom, both DAX-listed corporations, are in Bonn.

Between its walls it contained a dense grid of streets and a multitude of buildings, ranging from spacious headquarters and large officers' quarters to barracks, stables and a military jail.

Among the legions stationed in Bonn, the "1st", i.e.

a fort built to accommodate a full-strength Imperial Legion and its auxiliaries.

The fort covered an area of approximately 250,000 square metres (62 acres).

the Prima Legio Minervia, seems to have served here the longest.

Units of the Bonn legion were deployed to theatres of war ranging from modern-day Algeria to what is now the Russian republic of Chechnya.

Bonn is the secondary seat of the President, the Chancellor, the Bundesrat and the primary seat of six federal government ministries and twenty federal authorities.

With additions, changes and new construction, the fort remained in use by the army into the waning days of the Western Roman Empire, possibly the mid-5th century.

The structures themselves remained standing well into the Middle Ages, when they were called the Bonnburg.

The Sterntor (star gate) in the city center is a reconstruction using the last remnants of the medieval city wall.

To date, Bonn's Roman fort remains the largest fort of its type known from the ancient world, i.e.

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The largest extension of the city in north-south dimensions is 15 km (9 mi) and 12.5 km (8 mi) in west-east dimensions.

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