Cosmo dating advice for women

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Yannick Benjamin So a major publication like Cosmopolitan could not find an active woman who is a user of an actual current wheelchair.There are plenty of great role models that are full time wheelchair users that they could have used.We women on wheels are not used to being portrayed as “dateable” in the media, so thank you for choosing to be inclusive!

She is one of those rare birds who undersells and over delivers.Kristy Goosman Hughes My first impression was, What a stupid picture! Loren Worthington I like those old 70 pound Wheelchairs.” Kara Ayers Ouch…literally hurts to see:/ what year is it!? That way they can’t run away from me quite so fast J James Shoemaker …really, a hospital transport chair?I mean if you’re going to fake it at least do it right. I say to all of you it’s time to boycott Cosmopolitan so incredibly superficial Willemijn Engel That looks like a pre-ww2 wheelchair with a 2016 model in it Well, you get the “Picture,” right?Using an able-bodied model undermines the entire message of the article.

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And although she pulls no punches, she also communicates with dignity and compassion.

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