Chinese dating sites china

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Chinese dating sites china

“They want to know from the very beginning, before they waste time, whether the husband and wife will manage the finances collectively, whether she has to live with her in-laws and whether he wants children and how many,” Li says.

The matchmakers get a minimal base salary and earn commission for every match, so it’s in their interest to make good matches and smooth out any dating hiccups.

First came Me Me Star, a short message-based chat forum that he sold to the Chinese telecom firm Sina.That’s according to Dr Song Li, founder of, one of China’s biggest matchmaking sites – who apologises if his findings may not seem “politically correct”. Professors at the University of Hong Kong or a university in the UK or US might be interested in using our data to study the psychology of love,” says Li, who has the infectious enthusiasm and quirky personality commonly seen among bona fide serial entrepreneurs.“I’d love it if our data could contribute to society.” He’s not kidding about the volume of data.has conducted focus groups with divorcees and the findings suggest that the more economically well off women are, the less likely they are to put up with a husband they are not happy with.“In terms of percentage, I think a lot more women in China work than women in the US.

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